The NEW ProText Has Arrived

A new and sleeker interface to better enhance your loan generation experience

The ProText platform has been revamped and redesigned to better support our users! We've cleaned up iconography, added more buttons to the user exprience, and re-assessed the flow to make the loan documentation process easier than ever before.


There are now multiple locations to start a new loan! Choose from the dashboard or from the navigation at any time.

Viewing loans is easier than ever before! New icons are clearer and easier to navigate: the pencil / paper icon to edit, the eyeball icon to view, and the lock icon to unlock or lock a loan.


A new compact view makes entering loan characteristics a breeze!

The right side of the screen contains high level loan information.

Immediately below is the Review Loan button which takes you to the review page and the Generate Loan button which generates the loan closing documents.


The review page has been optimized to easily review loan details.

You can now click edit loan to make any adjustments to loan characteristics, view only documents to view generated loan documents, and even create a PDF download of loan characteristics.

Additionally, we've added a Generate Loan Documents button that triggers the system to generate loan documents based on loan characteristics.


The loan documents page now more clearly shows actions you can take to edit and customize your document set, as well as the generation status.

You can edit loan (takes you back to the loan edit screen to update loan characteristics) or review loan (takes your back to review loan screen).

The middle of the screen now contains all documents for the loan. If a document name is grayed out that means the system is still generating the document.

The PDF and Word icons allow users to download individual files.

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